Frequently asked questions

Generally, packages arrive in Guyana 2-8 days from the time it is delivered to our Miami warehouse.

Our charges in Guyana dollars are as follows:
$1500 for the 1st pound; each additional pound $660. There is a $220 insurance charge for each shipment.

Yes. Apart from shipping and insurance, you are required to pay custom duties and VAT. Customs charges vary and you will be required to clear these fees when uplifting your package. We also charge a $500 administrative fee for processing your orders.

We can help you make the purchase if you do not have access to a credit card. There is a small fee of $500 for credit card purchases.

We ship from many sites across the world. However, we recommend using trusted sites only. 

No. We only ship from Miami to Georgetown.

First, you need to register to get your mailbox address. You can register here.


We will then send your address when you or your relatives and friends can send the purchases they make for you.

Once you sign up with us we provide you with a US Mailbox Address. This can be used for online shopping or to facilitate packages from family members abroad. If you do not have your own credit card, you can look at online stores such as Amazon, Romwe, EBay, Shein, Fashion Nova etc. Once you see something that you are interested in you can send the link and we can place that order for you.

In the event that you have your own card, you will use your US address as the shipping address, once the item is delivered to that address, we will have it available in 2-8 days.