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A shipping company that gets you your packages without the hassle and at an affordable price.

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Our rates are among the best. Our philosophy is that shipping should be affordable. No hidden fees!

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About Us

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WEST SIDE SHIPPING was formed with the philosophy of providing quality service at an affordable cost. Most importantly, we want you to get your packages fast. We have a track record of 2-7 days delivery. At West Side Shipping, we love happy customers 

Call Center

(592) 603-9261


Unit #6 Magic Mall, La Grange, WBD, Guyana

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Our services

Service we provide for our customers

We update you regularly, so you always know where your packages are and when they will arrive.

Air Freight

We fly weekly, so your packages arrive in 2-7 days. Purchase your items online and ship

Sea Freight

We can ship your large or heavy items by sea. Packages shipped by sea, arrive in

Free Delivery

We deliver free in the following areas: Georgetown, Vreedenhoop to Stanleytown-(West Bank, Demerara), up to Providence


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Samples lay spread out on the table samsa was a travelling salesman and above it there

Supply Chain

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People aks these question over & over again

How soon will my packages arrive?

Generally, packages arrive in Guyana 2-7 days from the time it is delivered to our Miami warehouse.

What are your rates?

You pay $1760 for the first pound and $660 for each additional pound. There is a $220 insurance charge for each shipment.

Are there additional fees apart from shipping?

Yes. Apart from shipping and insurance, you are required to pay custom duties and VAT. Customs charges vary and you will be required to clear these fees when uplifting your package. We also charge a $500 administrative fee for processing your orders.

Can West Side Shipping purchase the item for me?

We can help you make the purchase if you do not have access to a credit card. There is a small fee of $300 for credit card purchases.

Which sites do you ship from?

We ship from many sites across the world. However, we recommend using trusted sites only. 

Do you ship to other addresses in the US?

No. We only ship from Miami to Georgetown.


See what we achieved over the years!

We have moved from simply shipping small packages to now offering you the option of shipping large packages by sea. We now offer consolidation services. Look out for our barrel service coming soon.

Air Freight
Ocean Freight